If you send your  Name Surname, Birth Date, Contact Phone, Country, City, Languages and Panoramic X-rays with WhatsApp or Email, we will make the best possible plan for you and tell you about the estimated price and time of treatment. If you want to come to Dentaworld, according to your flight plans we will welcome you at the airport and will transfer you first to your hotel and then to our clinic with Dentaworld VIP Transfer Free of Charge. We will do all your treatments according to the plan. In the time between your treatments you will have a chance to explore the beauties of Istanbul. We will be happy to give you information about the best possibilities. After everything is finished, we will do a last check up and make sure that everything is perfect according to Dentaworld Standards. After making sure that everything is perfect, we will take you to the airport with Dentaworld VIP Transfer again free of charge.


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